SM64 Bubba

A Bubba about to eat Mario in Super Mario 64.

Bubba is a large fish wearing sunglasses that appears in Super Mario 64, Mario Golf, and Super Mario Sunshine


Super Mario 64Edit

This marks Bubba's first and only appearance in the series. Two Bubbas only appear in Tiny-Huge Island in the water. If they caught Mario swimming in their territory, they would swim up to him and eat him, causing Mario to lose a life, in a similar manner to that of Boss Bass. In the DS remake, the Bubbas were replaced by Big Berthas. It is believed that the "Bubba" was simply replaced with big bertha, Since they are basicly the same. This makes sense, Meaning the bubba was an attempt at a new cheep cheep that didn't take off and was replaced with the much better looking "Big Bertha"